What we do

Why Eventpersonal.se?

It’s always vital to make a good first impression. With capable, experienced staff to keep your event running smoothly, your customers can become engaged in the dynamics of your product or service. Eventpersonal specializes in selecting exactly the right people for each company and event, whether it be an individual for an in-store demo at a supermarket or an entire staff for a conference, fair or trade show. We provide skilled staff in a variety of roles from experienced boaters and public relations people to friendly hostesses and pollsters.

Sweden’s larges supplier of professional event staff

We have approx. 70,000 staff on our roster across the entire country, so you can count on us to quickly find just the right skilled personnel for your event. Each of our staff members is evaluated based on experience, communications skills, and training, and though they have differing backgrounds and interests, they all have one thing in common: a cheerful attitude. When you book with Eventpersonal.se, you can be certain that you are booking staff with the right skills for your event, and we will always ensure back-ups are in place in case of an unforeseen illness, etc. While many of our customers are event and advertising bureaus, and media, marketing and PR firms, we work with clients of all kinds, from large corporations to small businesses, and we strive to exceed your expectations.

We take care of everything

When you book with us, we take care of all the details, ensuring that you get exactly the right staff with the right background, skillset and personality for you. If special training is required, whether by you or by us, we will see to it that it’s done. We take care of all the overhead, such as administration and salaries, so that you can focus on the more important things.

Our process

How we work

Eventpersonal provides promotional, hospitality and event staff for conferences, trade shows, demos, polls, fairs, etc. We take care of the entire process, from a thorough analysis of the event and your needs surrounding it, to the recruiting, training, and carrying out of the event tasks, and finally, dealing with all the follow-up administration.

1. Brief

When we receive a project description from you, we will provide you with a dedicated account manager who will work with you from event start to finish.We will review the project brief together with you, determining exactly what kind of requirement profile you have in order to best provide you with the right staff for your event.

2. Recruiting/staffing

Based on your needs, requirements and deadlines, we will ensure a thorough staffing of your event. We will search and filter among our roster to find exactly the right people for your project. We interview all potential staffers personally or via telephone to confirm that they fulfill the requirements.

3. Knowledge/training

If our staff doesn’t already have the necessary knowledge to represent your company, we will see to it that they get it prior to the event, whether that entails a simple informative phone call or packet of written materials, or even one or several courses of training.

4. Implementation

During the actual event, we are always available for our clients as well as our staff, including evenings and weekends. This means that we can rapidly help with any hiccups, such as finding replacements in the event of an unforeseen illness.

5. Time tracking

Before invoicing, we always double-check the staff timesheets with you. In this way, we can avoid any possible errors and unnecessary administration for everyone.

6. Evaluation

During the event, our staffers often receive valuable feedback from your customers—information you may find very useful. We therefore ensure that such feedback is reported back to you.


Whatever your event, we can help

There are many solutions when it comes to displaying the advantages of a product or service. Sometimes a simple in-store demonstration, or offering of free samples is the best way to show customers how great your brand is. Other times, what’s required is a large-scale corporate event or trade show in order to really showcase your brand or product. No matter what your needs, we will see to it that you get exactly the right staff with the right training and right image for your event.


The term “event” can refer to just about anything, but we define it as a meeting with a client in a public environment, such as in a shopping center or outdoors in a town square. It could also be a touring event such as a road show, or at festivals held around the country. We supply staff with a variety of skills, from hostesses and sales personnel to PR experts and managerial team leaders, to approximately 150 events per year.

In-store activities

In-store activities are an effective and compelling way to get customers to notice a product. With our talented, friendly and outgoing staff, you can rest assured that your in-store activity will be successful, whether it be a demonstration, sales, or polling and sampling. We have a wealth of experience with staffing such industries from supermarkets to specialized stores, and spend more than 3000 days per year in-store.

Trade shows and conferences

Trade shows and conferences are a great way for companies to get to know their target audiences and showcase their products or brand messages. It is therefore vital that people are met with engaged and knowledgeable staff. We have a great understanding of conference and trade show staffing, including assembly hosts and hostesses, marketing analysts and sales personnel, and pollsters.

Polling and sampling

Polling—whether it entails distributing flyers around the city or offering product samples in a shopping center—requires just the right kind of personnel.  Our staffers are outgoing and friendly, and will be excellent ambassadors for your brand. We provide staff for a large number of polling projects every year and know just what kind of people it takes to be successful.