Frequently asked questions

I would like to work for you. What should I do?
Start by filling out the form on our CV database. That’s our most important tool and is where you let us know who you are and what kinds of skills you have.
How do I get job requests?
Always keep your profile up to date. It’s vital that you have a photo of yourself there. Check also that you have the correct address and contact information. Note: remember to state where you live rather than where you’re registered, if these differ.
How can I increase my chances of getting a job with you?
This varies depending, of course, on what types of clients we have, what tasks the event involves, and where you are located. But generally, we are always on the lookout for outgoing, friendly go-getters to best represent our company, and in turn, our customers.
What happens after I’m hired? What do I do next?
Everyone who works for us will receive a large amount of information. Partly via an informative email with all the details of an event, the client, and the product, but frequently there is additional information and training via telephone or on-site with us or the customer.
How do I keep track of my hours?
In our timesheet system, which you can find on our website. It’s vital that you correctly enter your hours there, because all payments are made automatically by that system. If you forget to enter your worked hours, or make an error in filling them out, your payment may be delayed.
When do I get paid?
You will always receive your payment on the 25th of the month after the event.
What type of events will I be working?
Everything from hopping around like a Duracell bunny to a three-month assignment for Nokia as one of their event team. We often don’t even know ourselves what kinds of events next week will bring.